Monday, April 04, 2011

The Greek's Tragedy...

It's easy to put a blame on Kyrgiakos over the lost to West Brom at the Hawthorns over the weekend. Well, both goals seem to be the Greek's blunders, failing on both occasions to deal with the hardworking Baggies front-liner.

Yeah, from the very first 25mins, we seem dooms with the injuries both Johnson & Agger. But we didn't loose the game because we lost the two players or Kyrgiakos's blunders. I would say, in my opinion, we lost because West Brom is a better team.. they seem hungrier and their players really work hard. Credits to them.

I guess it's time to admit we don't have a good linkage between the defence and midfield, and midfield with strikers. Many teams said they want to play like Barcelona, with an organised set-up & creative midfielders.. I don't expect us to play like that if our lineup are the likes of Lucas, Spearing & Meireles. Hell NO!.. If Dalglish is to depend on these three, I guess we are going no where next season. 

Of course, Lucas is never my favourite since the day he became a Liverpool's player. Not that he is not Brazillian enough, but they way he played. He is too slow to react, mind alone his creative play. I couldn't understand people keeps talking about his passing ability and his stats on completed passes. That's a total rubbish. And I still couldn't understand despite his lacking, he survived three managers. And lately, his contract extension really disappoint me, unless he really show some improvement under Dalglish!

Now, we lost another 3 points. Should we won we might have closing the gap with Spurs by 2 points. Nevertheless, Carragher was trying to be positive saying the fight is not over yet. Of course mathematically, it's still possible for us to be to there. Though it's difficult, I would like to see the players to work harder even if they have to miss the Euro next season.

Friday, April 01, 2011

A Season To Rebuild...

It's been awhile I left my blog... been busy.. & since the last post, Rafa has left not only Liverpool but also the club he joined Inter Milan. Liverpool has been a bad shape thereafter. The appointment of Roy Hodgson never been better. Indeed, he is a good manager & has been a great manager to many clubs & countries, & he had nothing to prove over his 36 years experience! But he failed to lift Liverpool to pinnacle again, & I guess he couldn't blame the Kops wanting him out.

"King" Kenny had been appointed as a replacement.. as a caretaker.. a temporary manager.. which I believed most fans & players, or even he himself would rather see him been given a permanent job. He's been great so far. He brought the confidence back to the players.. he brought back the lost faith among the supporters... he brought back the joy & happiness.. Even we are out of Europe, our confidence of rebuilding under the King has never dented.. 

The signing of Luis Suarez & Andy Carroll light up the team.. A great performance by Suarez in the recent games had make the fans forget about a painful farewell by Torres. With Carroll on the scoring sheet again with England, he should be able to form a formidable partnership with Suarez, liken the Dalglish-Rush in the  Liverpool's glorious era. 

To Kenny... You'll Never Walk Alone!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rafa leaving...

Again, the news of Rafa leaving Liverpool looming before the Stoke game because lack of support from the American owners. Like usual, Rafa had denied the rumuor & said he is 100% committed to the club, fans & players. He had done so much to the club & there are more trophies to be won..
In Rafa we believed...

1st win of the season...

We got our 1st win of the season at home, beating Stoke City 4-0. A superb play to bounced from the opening defeat to Spurs. The game also mark Glen Johnson scoring his 1st goal at Anfield with spectacular scissor kick. Torres also open his account for the season, so did Kuyt & Ngog.

Much more to cheers with our victory was MU defeat away to Burnley. Hope that the good form will continue against Aston Villa next Tuesday (25th Aug) at home.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

1st Game, 1st Defeat...

We started the 2009/2010 campaign with a defeat at White Hart lane. Beside all the top 4, include Manchester City got the results, we had the worse results on the opening. We can only envy the Gunners thrashing Everton 6-1... we can even envy Manchester City victory at Blackburn or we can say how lucky Manchester United & Chelsea won narrowly at Birmingham & Hull respectitively, yet we are one who played badly to even get a point!

The whole team were not playing as a unit. The passing was bad, the defence was bad (how could two CB colleded?) & there were no co-ordination at all. We probably woke up in the last 15 mins of the game when Benayoun & Voronin came in as subs. But then it's already too late to save even a point. Credits to Assou-Ekotto & Bassong to scored against us..

Gerrrard & the gang should learn from this defeat & take it on from here. Let's forget about this defeat & move on to the next game... Stoke on Tuesday? Bring it on!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Welcome, Aquilani..

Hailed as the future midfielder for Azzuri, seem like Rafa had signed a good replacement for Alonso. Aquilani possess a good passing & can score through free kicks. Unfortunately, the Kop will only see him in action 4-8 weeks as he is still recovering from his injury. Hope it will not take him too long to settledown at Anfield...

Well beaten...

A painful defeat at Anfield, 2-1 to Atletico Madrid a week before EPL season start. No only we lost the game, but a posibble lost of Carragher & Torres with both limped out. Though Rafa not too concern when he said it's only precaution... Wihout 3 experience Centre Back (Carragher, Skrtel & Agger, it's looked like trouble for us to face a challanging season ahead..