Friday, April 01, 2011

A Season To Rebuild...

It's been awhile I left my blog... been busy.. & since the last post, Rafa has left not only Liverpool but also the club he joined Inter Milan. Liverpool has been a bad shape thereafter. The appointment of Roy Hodgson never been better. Indeed, he is a good manager & has been a great manager to many clubs & countries, & he had nothing to prove over his 36 years experience! But he failed to lift Liverpool to pinnacle again, & I guess he couldn't blame the Kops wanting him out.

"King" Kenny had been appointed as a replacement.. as a caretaker.. a temporary manager.. which I believed most fans & players, or even he himself would rather see him been given a permanent job. He's been great so far. He brought the confidence back to the players.. he brought back the lost faith among the supporters... he brought back the joy & happiness.. Even we are out of Europe, our confidence of rebuilding under the King has never dented.. 

The signing of Luis Suarez & Andy Carroll light up the team.. A great performance by Suarez in the recent games had make the fans forget about a painful farewell by Torres. With Carroll on the scoring sheet again with England, he should be able to form a formidable partnership with Suarez, liken the Dalglish-Rush in the  Liverpool's glorious era. 

To Kenny... You'll Never Walk Alone!

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